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29 Years Of Inspired Insights


Founded in 1993, Medi Mark is a specialized, independent market research company in Greece, dealing exclusively with Health care in general and Pharmaceutical in particular.

We provide consulting services to the Marketing department of Pharmaceutical companies, based on market research.

During 29 years of our presence in the market we have been:

  • Conducting research for all therapeutic areas
  • Working with almost all Pharmaceutical companies
  • Helping launch a series of blockbuster medicines
  • Monitoring the performance of various brands overtime

Our specialized and experienced team of executives and interviewers provide insights combined with business knowledge.

Our experience is a guarantee of success.

Meet the Medi Marketeers…


Aliki Pipiliga

General Manager

Aliki is a Pharmacist and holds a postgraduate degree in BA from Athens University of Economic and Business and an MSc in Management with major in Marketing, from Durham University Business School.

As a third generation Pharmacist she was supposed to follow the family tradition and started her career as in charge of a Pharmacy. Soon, however, she moved to the EOF laboratory and then to the Quality Control Department of a Pharma Company in England. Finally, after her postgraduate studies, her ever challenge seeking spirit landed her to Market Research.

IMS was her first job, followed by Nielsen where she established the Pharmaceutical Division, until 1993 when she founded Medi – Mark.

In the early nineties the need for promoting and sharing best practices in the area of Pharmaceutical marketing lead to the birth of EEFaM. Aliki was a founding member and the first President. Ever since, she shares and discusses best practices as a speaker for Pharmaceutical marketing related conferences and training seminars.

Because life is all about facing new challenges, Aliki also expanded to other Marketing areas and served as marketing consultant for the Hellenic Bank Association, as well as, DEPA (Public Natural Gas Company).

She always tries to be the best and up to date. Paraphrasing C.S. Lewis, her moto is: “It is never too late to set another goal or to dream a new dream!”


Natalie Exouzidou

Client Service Director

Natalie is a Pharmacist and holds an MBA from the University of Glamorgan.

She began her career as an assistant Pharmacist but quickly realized that Pharmaceutical Market Research interested her far more. She joined Medi-Mark in 1998, and has since been responsible for numerous quantitative but also qualitative surveys in almost all therapeutic areas. Her attention to detail, analytical skills and management abilities led her to the position of Client Service Director.

As team leader, Natalie designates responsibilities among team members, sets the schedule, follows up implementation and also, engages in new business opportunities in support of the company’s growth. If there’s one thing her colleagues know for certain is that Natalie is THE person to brainstorm with and call for help.

She can’t stand having second thoughts! When this scarcely happens she’s capable of bringing everything upside down until all is in place and satisfactory to the maximum.

Natalie’s moto is “Whatever you do, do it right” and thus, she inspires the team to stay true to the company’s moto “We never compromise on quality”.


Eleni Pipiliga

Senior Research Executive

Eleni has studied Media & Communication in the University of Athens and holds an MSc in EU Politics from LSE.

Coming from a family of Pharmacists she wanted to do something completely different! However, as a student, she had one foot in Pharmaceuticals since, from 1999, she was working, part-time for Medi-Mark in supportive roles (Quality control and Coding).

After her studies, the revolutionary spirit took over and Eleni worked for Telecommunications and Politics. In 2011 she joined Medi-Mark as a full time Research Executive; she had finally realized that she didn’t need to leave home to make a difference because she could make a difference at home. Due to her old ties with Medi-Mark she has been through all stages of research, and until today she prefers to deal with them herself, at least to some extent, because it “allows her to better grasp the essence of each project”.

Her colleagues value her ability to recall the majority of medicines in any therapeutic area. Eleni’s moto is “All is connected, but in order to make sense, you have to find the right dots”, maybe that’s the root of her creativity.


Dimitra Chalioulia

Marketing & Field Liaison

Dimitra is a Mathematician and holds an MSc in Statistics and Operational Research from the University of Essex.

During the past 12 years, since she was introduced to Market Research, she has been implementing her statistical skills to the service of MR handling numerous quantitative projects from begging to end. Pharmaceutical MR was an apocalypse that happened almost 6 years ago: she realized that this very demanding field was ideal for applying her talents and satisfy her inquiring mind.

Dimitra joined Medi Mark in 2015 as the Marketing and Field liaison, bridging, hence, the two major segments of Research in a refreshing manner; since she also manages her own projects, she knows exactly what a Project leader needs from fieldwork: Precision, Time & clear Specifications. Dimitra, handles most online researches from A to Z and has proven a valuable asset to the team bringing along new ideas and capabilities.

Her colleagues appreciate her composed and calm attitude as a guarantee that “Murphy’s law” won’t be confirmed.

Dimitra’s moto is “Keep calm and find solutions”. Thus, the newest addition to the team instantly became an essential one.


29 Years Of Inspired Insights


In Medi Mark we never compromise on quality. We listen to our clients’ needs and our only goal is to provide answers and insights based on accurate and reliable research data. The quality of our results is ensured through control in all stages of a research.

We have formed a bond of trust over the years with our clients and we consider ourselves as Partners and not just providers.

Our deep knowledge of the market leads to our key strengths in:

  • Methodological approach
  • Questionnaire design
  • Analysis and interpretation of results
  • Deeper insights through specialized analyses

Professionalism > Flexibility > Reliability > Trustworthy > Accuracy > Confidentiality
Commitment > Consistency > Expertise