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Are you asking the right Questions?

  • Q1 - Is your brand a leader or a follower?

    Q2 - Where is the Market heading to? Are there any unidentified challenges?

    Q3 - Have you explored your Market's full potential?

    Q4 - Are there any unmet needs in your market? Do you know them?

    Q5 - Do you respond to your Patients' true needs?

  • Q6 - Is your brand unique in any way? What do physicians believe?

    Q7 - Physician's Loyalty! Everybody aims to it, but have you achieved it? What about your competitors?

    Q8 - Do you get your message through to physicians?

    Q9 - "Stage fright"? Let's evaluate your public campaign together!

    Q10 - Do physicians value your company the way you believe or you would like?

  • Q11 - Do you monitor your brand through market research? Get your KPIs straight.

    Q12 - How would your new medicine be best positioned? Or your existing medicines re-positioned?

    Q13 - How do you launch the Market's new leader?

    Q14 - Is there something that physicians won't tell you face to face? Weaknesses? We'll find them.

    Q15 - And your strengths? Are you sure you explore them?

  • Q16 - Are there any threats in your Market? How do you face them? Let us find your opportunities.

    Q17 - Wondering about Physicians' prescribing behavior? It's not necessarily a black box. See beyond politically correct answers.

    Q18 - Efficacy and safety: typical decision making drivers. Are they the only ones? "The truth is out there"

    Q19 - Needing the reasons why? Reveal them with our qualitative tools.

    Q20 - Ever thought about your brand's connotations and what they actually mean?

Insights > Reflection > Opinion > Belief > Behavior

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